Quantitative research describes and statistically measures consumer attitudes, opinions, and judgments, offering an objective and overall view of a market, brand positioning, or phenomenon. It also explains in detail the relationships between variables.

Sita Ricerca preferably uses a multidisciplinary approach, starting from the exploratory phase (qualitative) and then measuring the results quantitatively, obtaining particularly accurate and operationally valid studies.

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Sita Ricerca has acquired considerable experience in quantitative analyses, including those particularly complex and characterized by a large amount of data.

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Quantitative Research: the answer to the multidimensionality of consumer attitudes, behaviours,
and characteristics.

  • Determine the size of reference markets

  • Obtain data on needs, preferences, behaviours, and consumption habits

  • Evaluate, on extensive samples, the results of qualitative research

  • Measure customer satisfaction for a product/service

  • Profile the clients of the commissioning brand and the competition in demographic, behavioural, and value terms